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EPP space pallet

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EPP space pallet

April 17, 2023

With the continuous development of China's logistics transportation, the demand for cargo transportation is increasing, and pallets play an important role in logistics transportation, improving the speed and efficiency of logistics transportation. Pallets are considered one of two key innovations in the logistics industry. As an important loading, unloading, storage and transportation equipment in the process of logistics operation, pallets play a huge role in modern logistics when used together with forklifts. Today I will introduce an EPP space pallet to you.


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EPP products have a special cell structure, which absorbs dissipated energy through gas retention and compression in the cells, and has good pressure resistance and energy absorption. The EPP pallet is made of foam, soft in texture, and can effectively cushion bumps. It is very suitable for the transportation of valuable and fragile items, and can play a very good role in shock absorption and compression resistance in cargo handling.


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EPP space pallets can not only be used in logistics transportation, but also can be used for cargo storage. In a warehouse without shelves, pallets are used to stack goods, which can increase the stacking height of goods, reduce floor space, and make full use of warehouse space; in warehouses with shelves, goods can be stored in shelves in the form of pallet units, improving The storage capacity of the warehouse is convenient for depositing and withdrawing, facilitates the inventory of goods, and reduces inventory errors.


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